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Air Cargo handling Lift Tables with caster deck

Internationally known overnight Express Courier recently completed a prototype freight handling terminal to improve the efficiency of their operations. In addition to Pentalift Hydraulic Dock Levelers this terminal is also equipped with 2 Pentalift 15,000 lb. capacity hydraulic Lift Tables featuring a caster deck design. The Pentalift Hydraulic Lift Tables installed have a usable platform size of 10’ wide x 13’ long. Each of the Lift Tables features a state of the art hydraulically operated sectional hinged caster deck.

The hinged caster deck is lowered/extended during the vehicle loading/unloading operation and is fully retracted/raised when not in use. The hinged caster deck section of the lift is interlocked to the overhead door to prevent accidental use when the door is in the closed position. The energy efficiency of the building is greatly improved as the overhead door can now completely seal the building from the exterior elements when the lift is not in use. Both of the Pentalift hydraulic Lift Tables installed feature a serrated surface operator walk way for improved safety and a complete set of operating controls on the 42” high guard rail assembly.

Air Cargo handling Hydraulic Lift Tables with caster decks
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