To ensure worker safety it is important to eliminate any potential shear points as the underside of the lift table platform and the underside of the rotating top lowers into the recessed pit.

The lift table sub platform must be equipped with either 4 sided beveled toe guards or electric toe sensors if the sub platform and rotator are the same size.

Beveled toe guards are slanted inward at approximately a 30 degree angle to prevent a shear point as the underside of the lift table platform lowers into the pit.

An electric toe sensor consists of a 4 sided steel bar assembly that is suspended just under the lower platform edge and is equipped with 4 limit switches. As the platform lowers if any obstruction such as an operators foot or debris makes contact with the sensor bar the lowering stops immediately.

To prevent the underside of the rotating top from being lowered onto an operator’s foot the rotating top must be in the home position, square to the lift table sub platform. Limit switches installed on the lift table sub platform ensure that lowering valve will not open unless the rotating top is in the home position.

The rotating top home position limit is provided on any Pentalift lift and rotate table that is to be installed into a recessed pit.

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