How important are site checks to quoting Dock Seals? Site checks are very important to make sure that the Dock Seal selected will provide the best conditions for energy conservation. Some of the most important factors to identify involve the vehicle approach…is it level, declined or inclined? If approach is level then there is no modification to the seal required, however Dock Seal side pads can easily be tapered as required to suit non level approaches. For the correct Dock Seal compression, measure the distance from the wall installation surface to the face of the dock bumpers, and then add 4” to 6” to this dimension. This provides the Dock Seal overall projection. The seal pads should not compress more than 4” to 6” beyond the face of the dock bumper. Measure the door size as this will determine the model of Dock Seal to recommend. 10 minutes on site gathering this information will go a long way towards a successful energy saving solution. Contact your Pentalift Sales Rep for more information about Seals and Shelters.