There are a number of important factors to consider when specifying a loading dock leveler;top of the list is calculating the load capacity rating. Simply put a dock leveler is an adjustable height bridge between the bed of the truck and the building floor.  Investigating the maximum weight of the load travelling across the dock leveler platform is essential. Knowing the maximum weight is used in a formula to ensure the dock leveler maintains its structural integrity providing a safe working environment for the dock attendants as they load and offload the incoming vehicles. The following web page provides more information related to loading dock leveler capacity. Other factors to consider are the method of operation, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. Hydraulic dock levelers have the highest capacity ratings available and can be interlocked with other dock equipment such as vehicle restraints, overhead doors and inflatable dock seals. Loading dock levelers are available in 3 standard lengths 6’, 8’, 10’. Longer dock levelers accommodate greater differences in truck bed and floor heights. 2 common widths of loading dock leveler widths exist 6’and 7’. A wider dock leveler will accommodate wider loads and 2 palletside by side loading.  Hydraulic dock levelers are considered to be the safest most reliable loading dock leveler available.The following web page provides more loading dock design information. . For 35+ years Pentalift has supplied a complete line of loading dock equipment with the focus on performance, longevity and above all safety at the loading dock. Contact your local Pentalift representative to discuss your loading dock area requirements. The following web page provides more information on loading dock products through a selection of videos.