Employee safety is the number one priority for manufacturing businesses. Working with a wide range of machinery and in variable conditions can present a number of safety risks, but making sure your employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) protects them and reduces the costs associated with workplace injuries.

Employee safety Equipment

But it’s not always easy to ensure that employees are using PPE properly. It’s up to you to provide the education and resources they need to understand how and why they should be using safety equipment.

Start With PPE Education

Educating your employees is the first step in making sure they use the proper safety equipment. Individuals are more likely to use PPE when they understand the reasons and benefits for implementing them in their daily work.

You should educate your team on the various PPE and how each one works. This will help them use it properly and understand how it protects them from harm.

Describe the risks that are associated with not using PPE and highlight the impact it can have on the entire organization. Examples of commonly used equipment include protective clothing, hearing protection, goggles, helmets, and safety harnesses.

Choose the Proper Equipment

Not all safety equipment is right for your work environment. Understanding the needs of your employees and the risks that are inherent to your organization helps you choose the best PPE for their safety.

Choose safety equipment that’s easy to replace if damaged or lost, which should be easy to maintain and use. This ease is one of the biggest factors in getting your employees to use PPE as directed.

Have Clear PPE Policies in Place

Employees need to understand the repercussions of not using PPE in the workplace. Your organization should have clear policies in place related to the use of safety equipment. These policies need to be enforced consistently to ensure maximum safety and avoid unwanted personal injuries. Your policies should be in writing and accessible to all of your employees. They should be revisited regularly in meetings and employee correspondence.

Most manufacturers are required to comply to industry safety standards. Failing to do so can lead to fines and other penalties. Employees should understand this so that they use their PPE daily as required by your company policy.

The use of PPE in the workplace is only effective when employees choose to use them, so it’s essential that your corporation has standards put in place that ensures your workers use them consistently over time. Doing so will provide greater safety for your organization while maximizing its productivity.