Loading dock bumpers are installed to absorb the impact of an incoming truck approach to the loading dock area. Dock bumpers are a maintenance item and will require replacing periodically to protect the building and loading dock equipment from impact damage. https://www.pentalift.com/loading-docks/prodinfo-dock-bumpers.php

Prior to removing the existing dock bumpers complete a thorough inspection of the concrete surface where the existing dock bumpers are installed. Any cracks or visible damage should be repaired before replacement dock bumpers are installed.

The majority of dock bumpers are installed on the face of the foundation wall using a hammer drill and concrete wedge anchors.

Position the dock bumper and pre-mark the lag bolt locations. Lower the dock bumper; drill the required holes with the correct diameter drill bit to the depth specified by the anchor bolt manufacturer. Position the wedge anchors, place the dock bumper over the wedge anchors and tighten the wedge anchors securing the dock bumper to the face of the building wall.

Loading dock bumpers are available in a molded solid rubber design or a superior laminated rubber design. The performance and lifetime of replacement dock bumpers can be extended further by installing the dock bumper “steel face” option.

With the steel face option, the laminated rubber absorbs the impact of the incoming vehicle. During loading or unloading it is common for the truck bed to rise and lower as the lift truck drives in and out of the truck. Steel face dock bumpers significantly reduce the abrasion effect on the face of the bumper as the truck bed rises and lowers and also reduces shear stresses on the anchor bolts prolonging the secure anchor bolt installation.   https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Dock-bumpers.pdf

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