The most effective way to communicate with Pentalift regarding replacement parts is by email.

Please email your request to or use our online Parts & Service Contact Information Form

If you have access to the original Owner’s Manual specify the quantity, part number and part description required and reference the equipment’s 9 digits serial number.

If the part number is not available it is not uncommon for replacement parts to be referred to using different terminology. The different terminology could cause a misunderstanding of what is actually required. For clarity and to minimize delays through back and forth communication a good quality and detailed photograph or series of photographs of the part to be replaced will assist in identification.

Every piece of equipment Pentalift manufactures has a 9 digit serial number; this number is located on the equipment specification plate. The nine digit serial number ties directly to the production file which contains the relevant and important information in fulfilling the parts replacement.

The Pentalift 9 digit serial number is the most important piece of information to provide when inquiring about replacement parts.

On dock levelers, looking from the outside the specification plate is located on the left platform toe guard. Depending upon the age of the equipment the specification plate is located on the inside of the toe guard close to the front or on the outside of the toe guard approximately mid platform length.

On lift tables and dock lifts the specification plate is located on the horizontal thrust beam that connects the left and right scissor legs. The serial number is also noted on the power unit electrical panel.

To identify the location of the current production model specification plates please refer to the appropriate Owner’s Manual in the link.

When servicing or repairing equipment it is strongly recommended to use only Pentalift OEM replacement parts to maintain product performance and to ensure the safety of equipment operation.

For additional information on any Pentalift product please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.