Companies have lots of reasons to become more environmentally conscious, and one of them is efficiency. Saving energy is not only good for the planet, it is good for business. Managers are seeking more ways to become cost effective in their operations, and going green is one of the most practical ways to accomplish this.

Energy Saving Warehouse

Warehouse docks can be quite large, and due to the busy nature of warehouses there are plenty of opportunities for large amounts of energy to escape-during winter and summer months. Specific measures can be taken to seal docks even when operations are at their peak, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Impactable Doors

Doors are often at risk of damage due to forklift collisions. This knocks the door out of place and allows energy to escape. More so it becomes difficult to manage leading to inefficiencies in day to day operations. Having an impactable door reduces the risk of damage in the event of forklift accidents. The door is merely dislodged from its place and can be easily reset with no damage done. This saves money and energy as there are no gaps due to damage.

Efficient Sealing

Seals on dock doorways act very much like the seals you will find on refrigerators. They tightly compress the parameters so that no energy escapes when you close it. In a similar fashion, dock seals are designed to fit tightly onto the perimeters of the trailer when it reverses into the dock. The seals usually consist of fabric foam, and this prevents air from escaping while allowing full access to the inside of the trailer.

Better Lighting

LED bulbs can reduce energy costs by up to 70 percent, therefore it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the switch to LED lighting. Not only do you save energy, but you can prevent injuries and mistakes that would otherwise occur due to poor lighting.


Warehouses often have large fans designed to raise temperatures in the winter and bring them down in the summer. HVAC fans use up less energy than other fans to accomplish the same task, and they are also low maintenance.

Efficient Levellers

Standard pit levellers often prevent doors from closing tightly and this facilitates unnecessary airflow. Instead you can employ vertical levellers that can be stored upright when it is not in use. If cost is an issue, then upgrade your existing levellers with an advance weather-seal system.

Powered Chocks

Warehouse workers often use rubber wheel chocks to hold a truck in place while loading and unloading. But this is no guarantee that the truck will not drift away. Instead, go for powered chocks that will hold a truck firmly in place. This way air will not escape in the event that there is a gap between the truck and the dock.

There are plenty of small changes you can make in your warehouse that will make a very big and positive impact on your company. With the increasing need of saving money where possible for warehouses, this is an ideal place for businesses to start.