Workplace safety is critical to the long-term well being and productivity of your workers. Although you need to meet existing regulations related to safety in your industry, providing protection to your employees supports the success of your business over time.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Lift and tilt tables are effective tools in preventing injuries in the workplace. Understanding how to implement them within your organization will ensure that workers remain safe and your business can reduce the costs of work-related injuries.

Safety Needs

Each year businesses of all types lose millions of dollars as a result of injuries related to accidents, repetitive stress, and unsafe work environments. Lift and tilt tables have proven to be effective in reducing these and other injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries are the most common and result from trauma that occurs over time. In many cases, poor ergonomics contribute to the incidence of these injuries and can be corrected using a variety of available tools.

In fact, a large number of injuries reported in workers’ compensation claims are preventable when implementing the right safety equipment.

Using lift and tilt tables reduces the costs of insurance claims and those related to worker absenteeism. They improve the efficiency of your operations and contribute to a more productive workforce.

Using Lifts and Tilt Tables

Back injuries are the most common issues that can be prevented using lift and tilt tables. They offer the proper assistance to workers when lifting heavy materials, as well as help transport and reposition objects for easier lifting.

Lift and tilt tables allow workers to avoid lifting objects below the knees, a common obstacle that creates a greater load and results in the most common injuries in the workplace.

Tables utilize interlocking legs that help safely raise and lower loads. The power motors used allow extremely heavy objects to be lifted easily. By raising materials to the proper height, workers perform their tasks without any risk of injury.

Using lift and tilt tables increases the speed at which workers complete the operations required in your organization. This increases productivity and efficiency and reduces the costs associated with running your business.

High-quality lift and tilt tables feature restraint systems that further protect workers and the materials they handle.

Ease of Operation

Lift and tilt tables offer streamlined control systems that make it easy to optimize the ergonomics related to everyday work tasks. Workers can manipulate a heavy load in seconds when using lift and tilt tables.

Improving the comfort and safety of your employees reduces injuries over time. It improves the quality of life for your team and reduces the high costs associated with injury claims.