Risk factors such as lifting heavy items, reaching overhead, working in awkward body postures, bending, and so on represent one of the leading causes of strain and injury in a warehouse environment. Ergonomics is your best ally in your efforts to provide a healthy and safe workplace for your staff. The idea of ergonomics refers to fitting a job to a person, and this can be accomplished through the use of specialized equipment that reduces the strain on a worker’s body and makes their daily tasks easier, and faster to perform.

A pallet lift is one such type of lift equipment that is not only easy to use and maintain, but it also helps reduce a worker’s risk of injury by creating a more ergonomic working environment. In addition, a pallet lift will also increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary movements during assembly or other manufacturing operations. Here are just some of the ways a pallet lift makes for a more ergonomic workplace:

  • When using a pallet lift, the worker is able to perform their task in an ergonomically correct position. As a result, the individual is no longer required to move their body or the equipment into an awkward or uncomfortable position repeatedly. Over time, recurring strain results in back and neck pain injury. Innovative equipment like a pallet lift allows operators to guide product into a comfortable position to perform tasks without the need to stretch their neck and arms for long periods of time.
  • A pallet lift greatly reduces the risk of injury and increases the ergonomics of your workplace. A pallet lift allows workers to perform heavy lifting without bending, reaching overhead, pushing and pulling heavy loads, and so on. All of these operations are no longer necessary due to pallet lifts. Pallets of product can be positioned directly on the lift, which can then be raised or lowered into a comfortable and ergonomic position for loading or unloading by workers.
  • The risk of working manually with different loads, and moving them from one place to another can often result in injuries, not only for the person manipulating the load but also for their co-workers. Performing the same similar tasks repetitively results in muscle fatigue and thereby can increase the likelihood of warehouse-related accidents. A pallet lift can reduce this fatigue, and therefore the overall safety of workers and the warehouse.

A simple and yet efficient piece of warehouse equipment like a pallet lift will dramatically impact the ergonomics of your workplace and significantly increase the productivity of your workers. Workers who are not exposed to risks and feel safer in their workplace can work more efficiently. You’ll experience less downtime, fewer lost workdays, and considerably less injury. The number, as well as the severity of work-related injuries can be drastically reduced when lifting tasks are no longer performed manually but with the help of a pallet lift.

Mike Earle

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