Prior to forming a pit and pouring concrete it is imperative that the Contractor follows the manufacturers pit drawings that are specific to the individual project.

In the early stages of a project a Contractor may be called upon to provide budget pricing for a customer to excavate, form and pour a dock lift pit. The budget pricing for the pit and the equipment often determines if and when the project goes forward.

This general information is provided for planning purposes only.

The finished inside dimensions of the pit are typically 2” wider than the platform and 2” longer than the platform. If the lift is equipped with a hinged bridge plate add an additional 1” to the end/side of the pit the bridge plate is to be installed. This additional 1” is required to provide clearance for the bridge plate hinged spool assembly.
The pit depth is the low/closed height of the equipment plus ¼” – ½” deeper, it is better to shim to the finished floor level than have the dock lift platform sit proud of the finished floor level in the lowered position.

The majority of dock lift installations have a remote/external power unit. Consideration must be given to supplying and routing conduit(s) to run the hydraulic hoses from the power unit location to the dock lift. If the dock lift is equipped with electric toe sensors, up travel limit switch, interlocked gates etc. a second conduit is required to run the electrical lines from the power unit location to the dock lift.

Pit curb angle, typically 3” x 3” steel angle iron complete with anchors are required. The curb angles are attached to the pit forms and are imbedded in the concrete around the top perimeter of the pit when the concrete is poured.
The floor of the pit must be poured level under the frame of the dock lift for shimming and securing the dock lift in place. If the pit is to be equipped with a drain the drain should be centrally located in the pit floor and the concrete sloped down to the drain. The slope should begin in the central area of the pit floor inside the level, shimmed dock lift frame.

With this information a Contractor can provide a budget price to prepare and pour a pit. If the project goes forward and the equipment is ordered always follow the manufacturers supplied pit drawings that are specific to the order.

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