Start with equipping all dock levelers at the loading dock area with weather seal to minimize costly and unwanted energy exchange. The basic dock leveler weather seal is designed to seal the side of the dock leveler deck to the pit side walls minimizing any exterior air from entering the building.  Weather seals are available in a neoprene/rubber strip design or for improved sealing or they are also available is a brush style design. Either of these weather seals works well saving energy when the dock leveler is in the stored or closed position. When the dock leveler is in use and the dock leveler deck assembly is above the finished floor level (working range) conventional dock leveler weather seal is rendered ineffective however there is a cost effective solution available. The EnergyMax dock leveler weather seal consists of a 3 pc wedge design installed on both sides of the dock leveler deck. Constructed of abrasion and tear resistant vinyl the EnergyMax seal performs throughout the complete working range of the dock leveler. This design effectively minimizes air exchange from the outside of the building to the interiors controlled environment when the dock leveler is in use.  The immediate energy saved at the loading dock area is very quickly justified by the installation of EnergyMax dock leveler weatherseal.