Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler

What is an edge of dock leveler? The design of the Pentalift EDH series hydraulic edge of dock ensures reliable operation resulting in maximum return on investment. The EDH series hydraulic edge of dock leveler is fully hydraulic. The operator simply pushes a button to use the edge of dock. The hydraulic system is self contained and reliable. It ensures the operation is smooth and controlled. For ease of service, all components are easily accessible from the dock face. The Pentalift EDH series hydraulic edge of dock is a safe and superior alternative to a portable aluminum dock plate.

Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler

The Pentalift mechanical edge of dock leveler is easily lifted with its activating lever. This results in a low effort to activate the edge of dock leveler.  The simple design ensures trouble-free operation. Lip hinge grease fittings are installed for ease of maintenance. Torsion spring assist and integrated handle result in low effort activation. The edge of dock leveler lip automatically locks as the deck is extended. Safety is enhanced through less operational effort. Increased con­venience and safer than aluminum dock plates. Torsion spring operation. Safe convenient “bar lift” allows the edge of dock leveler to be tilted back then forward onto the truck. Heavy pulling and pushing is eliminated. Heavy-duty steel bumper blocks complete with molded rubber bumpers. Install with top lag plate.

Features and Sizes

High-strength, 4-way safety tread plate, deck and lip assembly. Heavy duty, continuous hinges with grease fittings for superior strength and easy lubrication.

Available platform widths: 66”, 72”, 78” and 84”

Available capacities: 20,000, 25,000, 30,000 lb.

edge of dock leveler edge of dock leveler



Dock Leveler Capacity

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