These guidelines are for planning purposes only, contact manufacturer for specific details. As a guide line the pit width is the dock lift platform width + 2”, the pit length is the dock lift platform length + 2”. If equipped with a hinged bridge plate on platform end add 1”additional to pit length, if equipped with hinged bridge plate on platform side add 1” additional to pit width. The pit depth is the dock lift closed height + ¼”, – 0”. The recommended embedded pit curb angle is 3” x 3” steel angle iron with suitable anchoring devices; the pit must be formed and kept square. The majority of dock lifts have external power units and require a conduit to route the hydraulic hoses from the power unit to the dock lift, a second conduit is required if the dock lift is equipped with an electrical option such as electric toe sensors, limit switch, controls on platform etc. Based on the application a centrally located pit drain connected to a storm sewer may also be recommended. <b/r> Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.