As standard all Pentalift Dock Lifts are provided with a 2 button hand held NEMA4X pendant on 10’ of straight cord that is prewired to the power unit control panel. There are many dock lift control options available.

The 10’ of straight cord can be extended, the 10’ straight cord can be replaced with a coil cord. The coil cord is 4’ in length retracted and 20’ in length extended. A retractable coil cord allows the power unit to be positioned further away from the dock lift without having excess straight cord lying on the floor.

Dock Lifts can be ordered with the controls installed on a post on the platform. The dock attendant controls the dock lift while standing on the platform. These controls can be permanent or removable. In a fully secured or restricted access application the controls can be permanent because the operators are first trained and authorized on how to use the equipment.

If the dock lift is in an open area such as an outside installation or in retail application to prevent any unauthorized use of the dock lift the controls are removable and stored inside the building when the dock lift is not in use. Both the permanent control station and the removable control station are available with a key lock out to further restrict unauthorized operation.

Dock lifts can be ordered with a wall mount control panel. If the dock lift is servicing 2 fixed elevations within a facility it can be ordered with an upper level and a lower level wall mount control panel. If multiple control panels are used both panels are automatically equipped with an emergency EStop button in case of operator miscommunication.

Please contact the Pentalift Sales Department to discuss your dock lift application and the recommended control option.