It is common knowledge that most equipment requires maintenance from time to time, and that providing regular service will help ensure its proper function and increased longevity. Dock levelers are no exception. There are not many pieces of equipment that take a greater beating than your loading dock. Although you may push a button or pull a chain, and the dock seems to work somewhat properly, the bends or cracks in the structural components may not be visible, or there may be a part that is grinding away due to the lack of grease that may not get noticed. During a Planned Maintenance inspection, your loading equipment would be properly adjusted and lubricated, and an inspection would be performed to determine the structural integrity of the dock.
Since Pentalift is an equipment manufacturer that designs and builds dock levelers, who would be better to complete that inspection? Pentalift recommends that an inspection, lubrication and adjustment be conducted two or three times per year, which will significantly reduce the chances of a breakdown at an inopportune time, or can prevent a small crack from turning into a complete failure of the dock.
Pentalift Service Technicians are factory trained to service Pentalift equipment, as well being experienced in repairing overhead doors and all competing brands of dock equipment. Contact Pentalift’s Service department for more information.