Designing a warehouse that enables productivity without compromising safety isn’t an easy task.

Safe Warehouse Design Tips

There are three important factors to consider: Safety, security and productivity. By keeping these three key elements in mind during the design process, you be able to create a warehouse that’s not only safe and secure, but also entirely productive.

Safety first always

Ensure that all warehouse personal are aware of the safety issues by making information readily available. Make use of signage and post it at eye level where all personal can see it. The signage should be clear, visible and announce various safety considerations.

Furthermore, all aisles and clearance limits should be clearly marked, along with loading capacities where applicable.

Posters that describe proper lifting techniques and ways to handle certain materials should be displayed where relevant.

If you operate a smoke-free environment, signage should be used to communicate that fact. The same goes for food and drink, designated areas for eating should be clearly marked.

Finally, certify that your floor drainage prevents water accumulation, your ramps are treated in no-slip coating and all storage areas over seven feet are equipped with safety rails.

Security for all

Get to know your local law enforcement team and build a solid relationship with them. They can be very helpful in providing a free security survey and suggest alarm system companies that offer the best defenses for your warehouse.

It’s also to become friendly with the officers that patrol the area your building sits on. Ask them what the premises are like after dark, especially if you’re planning to shut down operations over night and on weekends. You can even show the law enforcement team the layout of your building to give them an understanding of your facility so they’ll have an idea of when things don’t look quite right while employees are supposed to be away.

Moreover, your building should be protected by a six-foot chain link fenced with barbed water. Other criminal deterrents are prickly hedges around the property, bright lighting and visible cameras.

Finally, time to get productive

To increase productivity, it is essential to design your warehouse’s layout in a way that you are using every nook and cranny to your advantage. Building upward is a great way to make the most of your space. Storing product in the smallest area without sacrificing safety is another great way to use all the space available.

However, you must ensure that you’re not forfeiting prized aisle space. If you design aisle ways that are too small, you risk damaging valuable equipment that needs to pass through undeterred.