Hydraulic Conversion Kit upgrade

A Pentalift universal conversion kit upgrades an existing dock leveler to fully hydraulic activation. Each kit contains all necessary components for a complete conversion to an easy-to-use, low maintenance design. It is designed to fit a wide variety of dock levelers including competitive brands. A conversion kit is an economical alternative to replacing an existing dock leveler. The upgrade also reduces down time and repair costs. Pentalift conversion kits eliminate the ongoing maintenance typically seen on mechanical levelers including hold downs, spring and lip activating mechanisms. This upgrade is intended for dock levelers that are structurally in good condition.

Conversion Kit improves reliability

Convert to fully hydraulic operation with a simple push button to operate the dock. The reliability, safety and efficiency of the loading dock are dramatically increased.

This simple cost effective upgrade results in the following benefits:

Safety: Push button operation simplifies operator control increasing safety. The dock leveler can be interlocked with a vehicle restraint, an overhead door or other equipment.

Ergonomics: Converting the dock leveler to push button operation from manual release chain operation improves ergonomics. Operators are not put at risk from bending and pulling the manual release chain. As well, concerns with the limitations of lighter operator’s ability to walk down the mechanical dock leveler are eliminated.

Fully Hydraulic Operation: Both the deck and the lip movements are now activated by hydraulic cylinders.

Reliability: Elimination of mechanical components such as hold-downs, reduces breakdowns and down time.

Push Button Operation: NEMA 12, wall mounted push button facilitates simple and efficient operation of the dock leveler.

Maintenance & Operating Cost: Costs are significantly lowered or eliminated through fully hydraulic conversion.

Reduced Noise Levels: Smoother hydraulic operation reduces operating noise levels.



Conversion Kit


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