What is the best finish for your lift table application? The standard finish for Pentalift lift tables is gray enamel paint. This finish is acceptable for the vast majority of industrial applications, but it does not mean that it is the only finish available. Pentalift can offer you the following finishes for your lift table applications: Enamel Paint (STD); Non-Standard Color (Requires RAL #); High Solids Epoxy; Food Grade Epoxy; Hot Dip Galvanized; Stainless Steel.
The simplest finish upgrade would simply be a non-standard color. Pentalift can offer your lift table in virtually any color, and would just need your to supply the international standard RAL number associated with your desired color. For outdoor applications, where the equipment will be exposed to direct UV rays and to exterior weather conditions, you may wish to upgrade to a High Solids Epoxy finish. This finish is better suited to withstand the outdoor elements. Pentalift also offers Food Grade Epoxy, for those applications where the lift table could have incidental food contact. This finish cannot accept tint, and therefore is only available in white. Beyond those paint upgrades, Pentalift could also offer a hot dip galvanized finish. The process of hot dip galvanizing can cause some aesthetic deformation, but does not impact the function of the table or the associated warranty. Finally, the highest upgrade finish that Pentalift offers is full stainless steel construction. While it is much more difficult to fabricate with, Pentalift can offer any lift table in stainless steel for those applications where no other finish will do. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.