Pentalift lift tables can have additional options included that will permit use as a work platform , or for riders to travel with the load.

When there will be personnel riding on the table, the industry standard, ANSI MH29.1 Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts, requires that the lift table be equipped with guard rails on all sides These are not used for loading and unloading, unless guarded by location or other means. On sides and ends that are used for loading and unloading, the platform must be equipped with either gates or access chains. Guard rails must be 42”x 3” high, have a mid-rail and 4” toe board, and be capable of withstanding a load of 200lbs applied in any direction on the top rail.

While not specifically required by the standard, Pentalift also recommends moving to checker plate on platform where there will be riders. This improves the traction for the operator, especially in those cases where there can be liquids on the platform. If preferred, Pentalift can offer an anti-slip grit that is embedded in the paint, but this grit will wear with traffic.

Keep in mind that when there are riders, the table must have constant pressure controls. Press and release controls are not permitted when there are riders.

Finally, any application where there will be personnel on or around the table must be reviewed for any potential pinch or shear points. This is particularly important when there will be riders on the table.

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