If the lift table application requires multiple lift tables that are going to be immediately adjacent to each other, and will always move up together at the exact same time, then the best option is to synchronize the tables by mechanically tying the tables together. When you tie more than one table together end-to-end, they are referred to as ‘tandem’ lift tables. When you tie more than one table together side-by-side, they are referred to as ‘dual’ lift tables. Some applications require more than one lift table and that they be geographically separated from each other. In this case, the tables must be hydraulically synchronized.
Pentalift offers two methods to hydraulically synchronize tables. For many cases, Pentalift can offer an entry level of synchronization that utilizes a geared flow divider. This custom hydraulic system offers decent accuracy and repeatability when the load is uniformly distributed over the tables, and the customer can accept some variation in heights that need to be reset on occasion. For some applications the customer needs the synchronization to be very accurate, or there will be some variation in the weight distribution over the tables, or the customer will need the tables to be able to act independently or together. These applications will require utilization of a more sophisticated custom hydraulic system that utilizes programmed servo valves. It is important that you know the level of accuracy of synchronization that you will require when you contact your Pentalift Sales Representative.