There are often lift table applications that will require equipment to be moved around the facility. Typically, lift tables are designed to be lagged into the floor, however, there are many options that can be added to lift tables to make them more mobile.

Fork Pockets – Often the simplest way to assist with moving the table is to add fork pockets to the frame. This will permit the equipment to be moved around the facility with a fork lift. Fork pockets can be added under the frame, which will increase the fully lowered height. They can also be added to the sides of the frame. This will maintain the low height but will increase the width of the equipment footprint.

Semi-Portability- Some lift tables can be outfitted with a package that consists of rollers on one end of the lift table, and a removable handle with wheels on the other end. The roller wheels sit slightly off the ground when the equipment is stationary. To permit the table to move, you engage the lever handle with wheels.Semi-Portable-big

Full Portability Packages – When required, Pentalift can fabricate a structural sub-frame with casters to create a portability package. This can be upgraded to include a frame extension with a push handle. Often the power unit can also be installed onto a deck extension, between the push handles for greater convenience.Portable-big

Powered Portability – Some customer automation requirements will call for lift tables to move repeatedly over straight lines and short distances. In these cases, Pentalift can design a combination of tracks, casters, and push cylinders that create a powered portability package.Power-portable-big

There are many ways to customize lift tables to increase their mobility. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.