Hydraulic lift tables can be synchronized in operation however there are a number of factors to first investigate. The most important question relates to what level of synchronization is actually required, the higher the level of synchronization the higher the project cost.

Basic synchronization can often be accomplished through the use of a hydraulic geared flow divider. This system provides fairly consistent accuracy and repeatability however there may be some minor height variations during the operating cycle. It is common for the control panel to include a master lift and lower control button to operate all the lift tables simultaneously. The same control panel has a dedicated lift and lower push button to operate each lift table independently to provide individual leveling if required. Synchronized hydraulic lift tables using a hydraulic geared flow divider automatically reset to equal positions vertically when the lift tables are fully raised or lowered.

Other factors to investigate are the number of lift tables to be synchronized, how far apart are the lift tables from each other, what are the operational tolerances for vertical variation during the operating cycle, raising or lowering.

Another important factor to consider is the load weights on each individual lift table. If all the lift table platforms have similar load weights it is easier and less costly to provide synchronization than if the load weights on the platforms vary from lift table to lift table.

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