The biggest risk commercial goods face is being damaged in transit. The jerky movement of the vehicle increases the chances of the goods arriving at their destination in damaged condition. Dunnage airbags are designed to lessen the impact of this movement and preserve the integrity of the merchandise. This is crucial for saving time and money, and in an increasingly competitive industry, you cannot afford to lose valuable goods in transit. Dunnage bags provide a number of benefits and it is good to look at these benefits in detail.

Dunnage Air Bags

Protection of Merchandise

The most obvious reason is that dunnage bags protect your merchandise while in transit. The dunnage eliminates voids and fills up space that reduced instances of damage and movement. Dunnage bags absorb vibrations and braces loads.

Preserves Customer Relations

When goods arrive damaged, it’s not hard to imagine that customers will be unhappy. You will have to reship items or refund money. This is all costly. If you can take steps to protect your goods while in transit this will ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Reduction in the load factor

The biggest expense for a carrier is the load factor. When goods have fallen out of order the staff must spend time restacking and repairing them. Dunnage bags save this time and allows the extra space to be used more efficiently.

Allows for the loading of fragile cargo

Fragile cargo is especially prone to damage. Dunnage is the only form of protection that allows this sort of cargo to be transported over long distance without breaking. It allows businesses to be able to ship this type of cargo without having to worry about losses.

Ease of Use

Dunnage can be easily installed within minutes and the physical labour required is minimal. Bags can be quickly deflated and inflated, allowing for efficient and easy loading and unloading.

More decking

Dunnage bags allow skids to be doubled and triple decked for maximum space usage. This eliminates stair stepping. Air bags allow the goods to be loaded anywhere in the trailer.


Dunnage bags can be reusable (depending on the kind you buy) and this can save you money in the long run. However you should follow proper handling procedures to make sure that the dunnage can be reused in the future.

If you would like to review what you are currently using for cargo protection, you can have a consultation with our staff. Dunnage airbags can be a good replacement and there are plenty of dunnage bags you can buy that would fit your business needs.