Inflatable dock seals and inflatable truck shelters offer many advantages over traditional compression style dock seals and truck shelters. Inflatable dock seals minimize abrasion caused by the trailer as it moves up and down on the front of the seal during loading in comparison to the abrasion a comparable compression dock seal receives. With a trailer backed into position up against a compression style dock seal pressure is exerted on the building wall, an inflatable dock seal eliminates any pressure and the potential for damage to the building walls. An important advantage of an inflatable dock seal or truck shelter is eliminating over compression which can occur with a conventional compression seal. Inflatable dock seals can easily be interlocked to either the overhead door or the vehicle restraint at the loading dock. When the vehicle restraint engages with the trailers rear impact guard or when the overhead door is opened the dock seal automatically inflates. Interlocked inflatable seals are available with an override to leave them deflated when a seal is not required. Inflatable truck shelters contact both the sides and the top of the trailer conforming to the shape of the trailer providing a superior energy savings seal and keeps condensation out.  Although initially inflatable dock seals and truck shelters are more costly to purchase the investment is quickly recovered because of the advantages listed.