The Edge of Docks, commonly referred to as EOD’s, are offered both in a mechanically operated version, the EDML, and in a hydraulically operated version, the EHD. The EDML mechanical version is supplied with an actuating bar that the dock attendant uses to raise and position the EOD on the truck bed for loading to begin. There are loading dock applications that have a specific requirement for equipment that is physically easy for the operator to use, in this case a hydraulic version is available, the EHD. One push button station controls all of the operations of the EHD. EOD’s are available in 4 different deck widths (66” wide and 72” wide are the 2 most common) and there are 3 capacities to select from 20,000 lb, – 25,000 lb, and 30,000 lb. Edge of Docks are a cost effective and safe alternative to a portable dock plate at the loading dock area. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.