In recent years the increase of E-commerce has driven the need for Air Cargo shipments to quickly supply and replenish Fulfillment Centers. Air cargo shipments are typically shipped in standardized ULD (Unit Load Device) aluminum containers. These flat bottom containers are contoured to suit the inside of an Air Cargo aircraft. The floor of the aircraft is equipped with a caster deck sub floor to quickly unload the ULD’s. The ULD’s are then taken by truck also equipped with a caster deck sub floor to the Fulfilment Centers.

The hydraulic lift table shown is used to offload the ULD’s from the trailer at the Fulfillment Center. When the overhead door is closed the hydraulic lift table is in the closed stored position inside the overhead door with the hinged section of the caster deck in the vertical position. Limit switches interlocked to the lift table control panel prevent the hinged section of caster deck from lowering unless the overhead door is open avoiding accidental damage to the overhead door.


With a truck in position the overhead door is opened, the hinged section of caster deck is then lowered and the lift table is raised/lowered to the truck bed height. The trailer doors are then opened and the ULD’s are pushed onto the lift table platform. The lift table then raises to the stationary floor installed caster deck height and the ULD’s are pushed onto the floor caster deck to the designated sortation location and unloaded.


The custom lift table shown has a platform size of 102” wide x 156” long with the hinged deck section down, 15,000 lb. lifting capacity. The 120” long operator walkway is elevated 2 ½” to prevent the ULD from damaging the guard rail installed control panel or the operators feet. The control panel operates the lift table up/down and the hinged tilt section of caster deck up/down. There is provision on the mounting plate for the overhead door controls to be installed.

In addition to quickly and safely unload the ULD’s the energy efficiency and aesthetics of the building is greatly improved. With the lift table in the lowered position and the hinged section of the caster deck in the raised position the closed overhead door completely seals the building from the exterior elements.

For additional information on Pentalift Air Cargo ULD Hydraulic Lift Tables please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.