A leading manufacturer of tires approached Pentalift concerning a dock lift application at their research and testing facility in Northeast Ohio. Pentalift was able to design and manufacture a dock lift specific to the company’s needs which would fit into their existing pit with minimum modifications from Ohio dock equipment dealer; Action Door, who installed the unit – saving the client time and money.

The lift which was replaced was installed forty years earlier and had required ongoing maintenance to keep it in operation. In addition the older dock lift didn’t include safety features like hand rails and velocity fuse protection, which are standard on a Pentalift dock lift. The hand rails required a special cut on-site by Pentalift’s local dealer to accommodate the sectional door. The reimagined dock lift operates with a scissor leg design using Pentalift’s exclusive Penta-Flow™ hydraulic cylinders for positioning the platform. This design ensures the longest cylinder life, reduces maintenance and eliminates oil spills. Pentalift offers a wide range of sizes, capacity, activation systems and safety features on all dock lifts.

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New dock lift custom designed to fit old pit


Mike Earle


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