Pentalift Equipment Corporation: Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturer

Pentalift Equipment Corporation is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of loading dock equipment, lift tables and positioning equipment. Pentalift provides a complete line of mechanical, air powered and hydraulic dock levelers, vehicle restraint safety systems dock seals and dock lifts. Pentalift provides a complete line of hydraulic and pneumatic lift tables, tilt tables, rotating tables and custom designed lift tables and positioning equipment to suit a wide range of applications. Pentalift products are designed to increase safety and productivity.

Why Are There So Many Models Of Vehicle Restraints Available From A Single Manufacturer?

Not all applications are the same. In some cases, vehicle restraints are a part of the initial construction design process. It is also quite common to add vehicle restraints to an existing loading dock to improve the safety at this busy area of the facility. The positioning of the trailer’s rear impact guard can vary from trailer manufacturers. This has created the requirements for low profile vehicle restraints. Some facilities are able to cost justify mechanical vehicle restraints as an improvement over manual wheel chocks. There are many models to pick from and each design has its unique features.

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What is a velocity fuse and what is its purpose?

The purpose of a velocity fuse is to ensure safety to any operator using a hydraulic lift table, hydraulic dock lift, or a hydraulic dock leveler. The way it works is by regulating flow leaving the cylinder. If the velocity fuse senses any sort of flow that is too fast then the velocity fuse will close locking the oil in the cylinders stopping the lift from lowering. This ensures safety to the operator to minimize any risk of injury.

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Where Would You Use An Air Powered Lift Table?

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