Drive on lift tables are lift tables that that do not require a ramp or pit. They are normally used with a pallet truck or cart in an ergonomic palletizing application, keeping the product at a good working height. The majority of pallets range in size up to 48” wide by 54” long. Standard drive on lift table platforms are available in sizes up to 50” wide by 54” long. Custom drive on lift tables are available to suit many wider and longer applications. Some applications use a drive on lift table to transfer product between two fixed elevations. These two fixed levels are typically 79” or less apart. In a product transfer application between two levels, the drive on lift table can be manufactured to enter one end and exit off the other end. Standard drive on lift tables are available in 2,500 lbs, 4,000 lbs and 6000 lbs. The platform rests directly on the floor and has 35” of vertical travel. Standard controls would be a push button control with 10 ft. of cord or a foot pedal control on 10 ft. of cord.