Only if you are using a lift truck on your dock lift would you require an Automatic Hydraulic Roll-Off-Stop.

When the dock lift is in the lowered, closed position, the roll-off-stop is flat. The lift truck drives across the roll-off-stop onto the platform. When the “up” button is activated, the roll-off-stop is powered into the vertical position before the dock lift begins to rise.


When the dock lift is in the raised position, the lift truck drives onto the delivery truck. When the lift truck backs out of the truck, the roll-off-stop prevents the lift truck from accidentally driving off the dock lift and falling to the lower level. This could happen with brake failure, ice on the platform and other similar incidences.

When the dock lift is fully lowered, the roll-off-stop retracts to the flat position automatically.

If you have pedestrian traffic on the dock lift that are operating pallet trucks, the roll-off-stop could act as a trip hazard for the operator. Only use a hydraulic roll-off-stop if the application uses a lift truck.

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