Many applications will require that your lift table be installed into a concrete pit.
The first thing to consider is your pit’s overall dimensions. Beginning with the width and length, you want to leave a 1″ gap around the perimeter of the platform, between the edge of the deck and edge of the pit wall. As a starting point, therefore, your overall pit width and length will be the platform width + 2″ and the platform length + 2″. This is for a lift table with no hinged bridges. Once you add a manually operated hinged bridge, you need to provide an additional inch of clearance between the edge of the platform and the edge of the pit wall for each hinged bridge, to allow space for the hinge spools, etc. This additional gap requirement increases further if you are utilizing a hydraulic hinged bridge. This is to allow space for the cylinder to extend the bridge, and you will require 10″ of additional space for each hydraulic bridge.
The next consideration is the depth of the pit. You want to cut your pit to the fully lowered height of the lift table, plus an additional 1/4″, to ensure that the table does not stick out proud of the pit. It is much better to shim a table slightly to bring it up to floor height then it is to try to rework a pit because the equipment has a slight projection.
you will need to consider any conduit requirements. First consider hydraulic conduits. Is the power unit located remotely, outside of the pit, or is it self-contained, and installed in the pit under the equipment. For remote power unit installations, you will require a conduit to run the pressure and bypass hydraulic lines from the power unit to they cylinders under the table. This will not be required if you are using a self-contained power unit. Regarding electrical conduits, if you are self-contained then you will need an electrical conduit to run your incoming power supply into the power unit under the table. If you are using a remote power unit, then the electrical conduit becomes optional, and you will only need it in those cases that you have electrical options on the table. Typical electrical options on the table include things such as toe sensor bars or travel limit switches. Please contact your Pentalift Sales Representative if you have any questions about requirements for pit installation of lift tables.