Bottom Side Flap

Sewn to inside of side pads, drops down to increase sealing area beside the dock bumpers.

Reinforced Side Pads

A double layer of cover material on inside of side pads provides additional abrasion protection from lift truck during loading.

Pressure Treated wood Backboards

Applies to dock seals, extends the life of the wood back board based on superior resistance to aging and deterioration.

Fire Retardant Foam

An added fire prevention precaution.

Build Out Box

Compression dock seals have a maximum projection of 20”. For applications that require more than 20” overall projection build out boxes are available. Build out boxes are wrapped in vinyl for protection from the weather and improved building aesthetics.

Head Pad

Wider and beveled head pads are available to seal the truck in applications where the top of the building door is higher than the top of the truck.

Cover material

There are is wide variety of covering materials available. The material requirements are dependent on the dock seal model and application parameters. Note: The application of the product by a trained professional is vital to a successful application.