Low Profile Dock Lift

With a lowered height of only 6” a low profile dock lift allows ground level access without the need for construction of a pit. A Pentalift low profile dock lift can accommodate truck/trailer heights from pick-ups to semi-trailers with a vertical travel of 54”. It requires no pit and has the capability to be semi-portable, a low profile unit is an effective solution for ground level doors, confined spaces and leased building applications. Sizes and capacities are available to suit a wide range of applications. Available in 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 8,000lb capacities. This design of the low profile dock lift is recommended for use with pallet trucks and push carts; it is not recommended for use with fork lift trucks or powered loading equipment.

Low Profile Dock Lift Design

The low profile lift is a surface mounted, stationary or semi-portable unit offering several deck sizes with different capacities. The design of the low profile dock lift ensures stability and full use of the deck for product transfer. Cylinder placement is completely beneath the deck eliminating above deck obstructions common to other designs with vertical or mast type cylinder arrangements. Full use of the deck area adds the capability to load/unload in all four directions for greater efficiency and reduced product damage.

Low Profile Dock Lift is a Cost Effective Solution

Pit construction is not required for the low profile dock lift model. This saves installation costs and makes relocation easier than it is for pit mounted dock lifts.Safety is increased by allowing a pallet trucks or carts to be used in conjunction with the dock lift to load and unload, this eliminates unsafe lifting practices.


Low Profile Dock Lift

low profile dock lift