Pentalift offers technical support for all equipment that we manufacture.

Prior to making a call for technical support, there is important information that Pentalift requires to assist in addressing the topic in a timely manner.

Every piece of equipment Pentalift manufactures has a 9 digit serial number; this number is located on the equipment specification plate. The 9 digit serial number ties directly to the production file which contains the date of manufacture, list of components, wiring diagrams (if applicable) testing data, etc.

The Pentalift 9 digit serial number is the most important piece of information that you can provide, please assure that you have the serial number prior to making the technical support call. If you reach voice mail and request a return call from Tech Support please leave the 9 digits serial number as a reference in your message. This enables us to identify and review the serial number file prior to returning the call.

On lift tables and dock lifts the specification plate is located on the horizontal thrust beam that connects the left and right scissor legs. The serial number is also noted on the power unit electrical panel.

On dock levelers, looking from the outside the specification plate is located 0n the left platform toe guard. Depending upon the age of the equipment the specification plate is located on the inside of the toe guard close to the front or on the outside of the toe guard approximately mid platform length.

On vehicle restraints, the specification plate is located on the backplate or on one model under the removable cover.

To identify the location of the current production model specification plates please refer to the appropriate Owner’s Manual in the link.

In addition to the 9 digits serial number, a complete and thorough description of the issue is required. The more detail that is provided the better and more efficiently the problem can be addressed. Often photographs or a brief video will assist us in visualizing the reason you contacted us for technical support. As well it is important that the individual communicating with the factory regarding the issue has a higher level of technical knowledge. For example, a properly trained electrician is the best-qualified individual to communicate with and troubleshoot electrical issues. To avoid troubleshooting and technical support delays or issues please confirm the person communicating the issue is qualified to do so from a technical standpoint. The 9 digits serial number and the most descriptive information that you can provide at the time of the initial contact will assist us collectively in addressing the issue in the shortest amount of time.

For additional information on any Pentalift product please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.