Automated storage and retrieval systems, sometimes known as ASRS or AS/RS, are made of a variation of computer-controlled systems that will automatically place and retrieve loads from set storage locations. Many companies rely on automated storage retrieval systems because they are warehouse-safe and have no room for error. Besides being safe and offering ease-of-use, AS/RS systems provide many benefits such as:

Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems

  • Real-time inventory control – Because of the automated computer system, inventory levels are updated on the spot. Automatic inventory control lets you know exactly what you have on-hand at all times.
  • Theft protection – The automated system cannot steal inventory, it can only do what it is programmed to do and that doesn’t include theft.
  • Improved handling ability – AS/RS systems can handle, store and retrieve items of any size quickly and accurately. Their design allows for multiple loads to be retrieved at once.
  • Picking accuracy – With an automated storage and retrieval system you will notice improved picking accuracy with pallets, cartons and cases. Order picking is guided by computerized lasers which target items. This is useful in narrow aisles where picking can prove problematic.
  • Better inventory management of foodstuffs – Due to the accuracy and speed of the AS/RS system, you will be able to reduce spoilage of food products.
  • Ideal for any environment – These systems can work in dry, wet or frozen conditions which is especially handy if you are storing frozen goods.
  • Perfect for hazardous materials – AS/RS systems are safe and can handle the moving and storage of hazardous materials.
  • Customizable – You can set your AS/RS system up to exactly fit the needs of your warehouse and company.
  • Small building footprint – These systems are great for high-density storage and offer modular design that is easily expandable as your inventory, warehouse and business grows. Furthermore, AS/RS systems allow for vertical, horizontal and lateral movement making navigating down narrow aisles a breeze. Plus, AS/RS systems do not require unnecessary parts and attachments to function which minimizes expenses.

Automated storage and retrieval systems provide a return-on-investment through their easy to use applications.
You can update your current warehouse today and start noticing a difference as early as tomorrow. AS/RS systems help you better control your inventory, keep higher stock within limited space and prevent accidents. Automated storage and retrieval systems require little maintenance and are more reliable than traditional manual systems.