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Powered Vehicle Restraint Optional Accessories

This page explains options that are common to Pentalift powered vehicle restraints which includes both electrical and hydraulic. For more information on any of these options or Pentalift products, contact your Pentalift representative.
 A combination control panel is provided. A single control panel operates the hydraulic dock leveler and the vehicle restraint. The hydraulic dock leveler is interlocked to the vehicle restraint. The hydraulic dock leveler cannot operate until the truck / trailer has been properly engaged by the vehicle restraint.


Restraint Combo Controls

Zinc Finish

The components of the vehicle restraint are zinc plated to provide a higher level of protection against corrosion and oxidation.

Zinc Finish

Cast in Concrete Plate

A steel plate with anchors is cast into the loading dock face when the foundation wall concrete is poured. This plate allows the vehicle restraint to be welded in place during installation.  It reduces the time and expense of utilizing concrete lag bolts to install the vehicle restraint.



Extension Mounting Plate Installation

An extension mounting plate is used when it requires the vehicle restraint to extend away from the loading dock face further than normal. This could be required for various reasons including but not limited to: Additional bumper depth / extension and declined drive approaches.


Extension Plate




Not applicable to the UHR40. An assembly that allows the vehicle restraint to be mounted to horizontal grade surface. This options is utilized when the vertical dock face is not suitable for accommodating the vehicle restraint and the forces that would  be generated by the vehicle restraint.  [more]


Surface Mounting For Restraint

Control Pedestal – Power unit, Controls, Lights, and signs

The control panel and / or power unit are installed on a stand that is mounted in a visible and accessible place by the loading dock door. Includes internal and external lights and signs.

Low Temperature Oil

This oil has a lower operating temperature range than the standard oil. It is recommended for use on equipment that is subject to extremely low temperatures.


Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil

Epoxy Finish

Utilized to provide an upgraded level of paint finish for more demanding environments.
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best loading dock products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.