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Portable Dual Double Scissor Lift Table

A Tier 1 Automotive Supplier contacted Pentalift to assist in the design of a portable lift table. The lift table was used in the removal of a fuel cell mold for routine maintenance. Once the maintenance was completed the lift table is used to reposition the mold. The lift table has a closed height of 13.5" and lifts 90" in approximately 56 seconds. The platform size is 72" wide and 102" long and is equipped with guard rails and an interlocked gate for maintenance technician access. Based on a combination of platform size restrictions and vertical travel requirements a dual wide double scissor leg set was selected. This combination provides the maximum amount of platform stability while addressing the overall design requirements. The lift table is rated at 6000 lbs. lifting capacity and features a 460/3/60 5HP power unit on frame extension. One of the features on the platform is a GFI outlet and a ½" disconnect airline on post. These are used to operate the hand tools required during mold removal and repositioning.
portable Dual Double Scissor Lift Table
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