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Mechanical Dock Leveler Optional Accessories

This page explains options that are common to Pentalift mechanical dock levelers. For more information on any of these options or Pentalift products, contact your Pentalift representative.

Capacity is one of the most critical specifications to determine when selecting the dock leveler. It is extremely important to fully consider and properly calculate the appropriate capacity of a dock leveler needed for a specific application(s). Improper capacity selection can lead to many unwanted issues. [more]



Dock Leveler Capacity Rating


Dock Leveler Width

Dock levelers are typically available in 6, 6.5 and 7 ft wide (nominal) sizing. The width of the dock leveler is dependent on the width of trucks being loaded / unloaded and configuration of loads. Wider dock levelers (7 ft wide) are becoming more common as trucks and trailers and their loads become wider. 



Custom Dock Leveler Width

Dock Leveler Length

Dock levelers are typically available in 6, 8 and 10 ft (nominal) lengths. Longer lengths are utilized when the difference in height between the loading dock floor and the truck to be serviced increases. The most common length for dock levelers is 8 ft long (nominal). This length suits most applications. 6 ft long (nominal) levelers are suitable when there are minimal height differences between the dock  and the  truck / trailers. 




Custom Dock Leveler Length

Lip Length

There are three standard lengths of hydraulic dock leveler lips, 16”, 18", and 20".  The length of dock leveler lip required depends on various factors including but not limited to: the projection of the dock bumpers, types of trailers being serviced. Generally the lip should extend 12” past the dock bumpers.


Mechanical Dock Leveler Lip Sizes

Weatherseal - Brush

Seals the edges of the dock leveler to prevent and reduce energy loss. In addition to reducing energy loss brush weather seal reduces the entry of vermin into the facility. Brush weather seal typically has a longer life then the rubber weather seal.

Brush Weather Seal For Leveler



Weather Seal

A rubber (shown) or brush weather seal reduces the passing of outside elements into the facility by sealing the edges of the dock leveler deck against the dock pit.


Rubber Weather Seal For Dock  Leveler

Tappered Lip

The dock leveler lip is tapered narrower on the end that is positioned on the truck. This option was required more in the past when 7ft wide dock levelers we to be utilized and when trailers were generally narrower than today. Tapering of the lip reduces the effective width of the dock leveler and is not required in most cases.







This option reduces the overall costs in new installations. Concrete can be poured around the dock leveler during the floor pour of the building. All installation welding is completed at the factory. [more]

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Pour In Pan

Shim Kits

Shim kits are utilized to facilitate the installation of the dock leveler into a pit that is deeper than the standard pit depth.







Curb Angle Assembly

Steel angle iron with tab anchors welded along it are provided and embed into the edges of the dock leveler pit. The curb angle provides a metal edge to weld the dock leveler to during installation as well as protects the pit edges from breaking away during fork lift roll over.


Dock Leveler Curb Angle



A very durable bumper with laminated bumper sections behind a plate steel bumper face which absorbs the impact of the trailer as it backs into the facility. The steel face surface facilitates truck float with minimum wear and tear to the bumper. An excellent solution for harsh loading dock environments. [more].


Steel Face Loading Dock Bumper

Lip Hinge Grease Fittings

Lip hinge grease fittings facilitate the application of grease to the dock leveler lip hinge.


Grease Fittings





Full Range Toe Guards

Full range toe guards cover the entire travel range of the dock leveler. Due to the fact that the dock leveler is upward bias, they are not a requirement on mechanical dock levelers.

Dock Leveler Toe Guards


Below Level Control

A pull ring / chain is provided in the dock leveler deck. When the ring is pulled the dock leveler lip is slightly extended so that the dock leveler can be positioned below level.




Two Position Mechanical Fall safe

Mechanical fallsafe legs limit the dock levelers ability to travel below level. They come with a manual means of deactivation for instances where the dock leveler is to be utilized below level.

Mechanical Fall Safe Legs For Dock Leveler

Easy Sweep

The easy sweep option provides a frame design that facilitates sweeping debris out of the dock leveler pit. 







Epoxy Finish

Utilized to provide an upgraded level of paint finish for more demanding environments.


Hot dipped galvanizing is a coating that is applied to metal to provide unmatched corrosion protection and resistance. It has particular applications, advantages and specific attributes.  Click this link for more information. [more]

Hot Dipped Galvanizing Option For Dock Levelers

Foam Insulation

The primary purpose of foam insulation is to reduce condensation on the dock leveler deck surface due to significant temperature differences from inside to outside. This condensation can cause traction for fork lifts and dock workers to be compromised, a safety concern.  Foam is also used as an energy saving option limiting the transfer of conditioned air temperature between inside the facility and outside.




Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best loading dock products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.