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Drive Through Double Scissor No-Low

A medical supply warehouse required access to an upper level to permit the transfer of their products. The Pentalift No Low lift table shown features a drive through design; this feature eliminated the requirement of costly pit construction. The fully loaded pallet truck is pushed onto the platform when the lift is in the lowered position (lower photo), the lift is then raised to the upper level and the pallet truck is pulled from the platform onto the upper level. To comply with the application requirements a 5000 lb load capacity, 104” vertical lift design was chosen. The platform was manufactured 72” wide x 78” long; the lift was equipped with an up travel limit switch for precise upper level positioning. A 208/3/60, 10 hp powerunit with 2 sets of operator controls (including E Stops) was supplied for performance and ease of operation.
Pentalift Drive Through Double Scissor No-Low
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