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3,000-lb capacity No-Low Lift Table

The 3,000-lb. capacity No-Low lift table has a lowered platform height of only three inches and a vertical lift of up to five feet. It does not require a recessed pit for installation and can be integrated with other material handling equipment. Features include:
  • Jumbo "No-Low" design
  • 3,000-lb. load capacity
  • 3" lowered platform height with 60" vertical lift
  • 102"x108" usable platform size - the largest available in a unit of this type
  • Indexing capacity
  • 10-hp pumping unit that provides a 12 second lift time
  • High cycle packaging consisting of spherical bearings at all pivot points for precise alignment and cam followers in place of standard duty leg rollers
  • Hydraulic velocity safety fuse to prevent "free-fall" if the hydraulic lines are severed
3,000-lb capacity No-Low Lift Table
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