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Custom Upenders / Tilters

Pentalift's custom upenders and titlers are availabale in many sizes and load handling capacities suit an extensive range of positioning solutions.
Pentalift designed and manufactured a 60,000 lb capacity hydraulic upender to facilitate designed coil handling. Both platforms are 8’ wide, 16’ long. [more...]
60,000 lb capacity Hydraulic Upender
A heavy-duty inverter designed for a steel processor was engineered to safely rotate a 60,000 lb. roll of steel, 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position. [more...]
Heavy Duty Inverter
A Heavy Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder was designed and manufactured to rotate 30,000 lbs from the vertical position to the horizontal position. [more...]
30,000 lb Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder
A new dual direction tilt table designed for a personnel carrier manufacturer was engineered as the central component in a research and development test station. [more...]
Dual Direction Tilt Table
Automotive manufacturer required adual direction tilt unit to improve ergonomics at a parts distribution center. Portable unit picked up by power drive pallet truck. [more...]
Auto Dual Tilter
Positioning equipment receives steel ingot in raised/vertical position down ends ingot into horizontal position. Ingot removed with overhead crane. [more...]
Steel Inverter
This model of bin dumper was designed to suit the specifics of the application. The dumper featured an integral chute with 12” high side guards and a self contained power unit. [more...]
1,000 lb capacity bin dumper
An Aerospace supplier loads components onto a “tilted” rack for shipment to an Aircraft Assembly Facility. Each rack, fully loaded weighs 2700 lbs. [more...]
180 Degree Powered Rotator with 2 Tilt Tables
Internationally known manufacturer of Agricultural and Construction equipment recently entered into the ATV market. The ATV, weighing approximately 2000 lbs, is assembled on a moving production line. [more...]
All Terrain Vehicle Assembly Carrier
Pentalift successfully designed and engineered 2 sets of Hydraulic Lift Tables and Hydraulic Up-Enders for use in a Foundry application. [more...]
Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table & Up-Ender
An international company that manufactures subsea systems, surface well heads and transfer systems to accommodate the energy industry requirements contacted Pentalift to discuss design criteria. [more...]
20,000 Lbs. Capacity Upender with Cradle
An international testing company contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their mine minerals analysis process. During the testing process a core sample is raised to the test bench height and tilted to assist with placement on the test bench. [more...]
One of the largest producers of specialty metals and products in the world use innovative technologies to meet their customers' expectations. [more...]
A well-recognized manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and recreational vehicles began a research for custom built dual direction tilt platforms. [more...]
Scissor Lift Table With Tilt On The End And Side
The custom roll tilter has 2 platforms sizes, 152" wide, 63" long and the second is 152" wide by 48" long. With the 63" platform in the elevated level position a roll of the 2 ply product is rolled on to the roll tilter. [more...]
Pentalift received an inquiry from an electrical panel manufacturer to design and manufacture a lift and tilt table that could lift and tilt a maximum capacity of 2,500lbs. [more...]
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best lift table products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.