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Custom Portable Lifts

Pentalft's mobile lift tables and portable lifts maneuverable, wheeled and tracked powered drive options are available for portability.
One of the world’s premier Jet Aircraft Engine manufacturers commissioned a Mobile Test Station. During the testing and Certification of the new Aircraft Engine the Engine is suspended from an outdoor fixture. [more...]
Mobile Jet Engine Test Station
The worlds most recognized name in Motorcycles built a new manufacturing facility that required portable lift units for use during assembly of their product. There are over 100 of these identical units installed on a continuous “tow line” application. [more...]
Motorcycle Carrier
Pentalift engineered and manufactured a custom tandem (dual leg set for improved stability) hydraulic lift table to safely raise and lower the broadcast studio during the weekend’s events. [more...]
Mobile Television Broadcast Studio
An airline company had a specific requirement to load/unload cargo planes. A 30' long fully portable scissor lift provides height adjustment to 13' and versatility to service various locations. [more...]
Airport Lift
Automotive manufacturer required a dual direction tilt unit to improve ergonomics at a parts distribution center. Portable unit picked up by power drive pallet truck. [more...]
Auto Dual Tilter
The Stainless Steel Lift Table is constructed of 100% stainless steel and meets applicable sanitary regulations for food and pharmaceutical production facilities. [more...]
Stainless Steel Lift Table
Internationally known manufacturer of Agricultural and Construction equipment recently entered into the ATV market. The ATV, weighing approximately 2000 lbs, is assembled on a moving production line. [more...]
All Terrain Vehicle Assembly Carrier
A manufacturer of Aerospace composites required an application designed lift to suit a unique application in their manufacturing process. The 1,000 lb capacity lift table had to be fully portable. [more...]
Portable Lift Table with Rotating Top
The lift is designed to operate quickly on a 150 ft long track moving finished product from the packaging process to a range of distribution locations. [more...]

Powered portable 10,000 lb capacity lift table


A Double Scissor Lift Table used
for a maximum loads of 10,000 lbs.
and a cantilevered load, over the
ends, of 2000 lbs. [more...]
The lift table shown is a portable dual scissor lift table that has the capacity of 6000 lbs. The low height of the table is 13.5" and the table has a vertical travel of 90" and a raised height of 103.5". [more...]
The lift table was used in the removal of a fuel cell mold for routine maintenance. Once the maintenance was completed the lift table is used to reposition the mold. The lift table has a closed height of 13.5" and lifts 90" in approximately 56 seconds. [more...]
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best mobile lift Tables and custom portable lifts to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your mobile and portable lift requirements.