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Custom Manlifts and Work Platforms

Pentalift offers a broad range of stationary or portable manlifts used in production and maintenance applications.
One of the world’s premier Jet Aircraft Engine manufacturers commissioned a Mobile Test Station. During the testing and Certification of the new Aircraft Engine the Engine is suspended from an outdoor fixture. [more...]
Mobile Jet Engine Test Station
>Internationally known overnight Express Courier recently completed a prototype freight handling terminal to improve the efficiency of their operations. . [more...]
Air Cargo handling Hydraulic Lift Tables
Pentalift was approached by a large provider of contract sterilization using gamma irradiation. They were looking for a solution to a unique application [more...]
Triple Scissor Lift Table
An international company that specializes in packaging products contacted Pentalift for a custom lift table that would provide a high range of travel. The lift would require mesh filled gaurd rails. [more...]
Pentalift Triple scissor lift table with mesh gaurd rails
Pentalift engineered and manufactured an application designed tandem (dual leg set for improved stability) hydraulic lift table to safely raise and lower the broadcast studio during the weekend’s events. [more...]
Mobile Television Broadcast Studio lift table
Application designed portable positioning systems feature dual speed lift/lower, 75% off center load handling capabilities and precise positioning abilities in all directions. [more...]
Hydraulic lift table with air bearings
Design incorporates full width hinge pins, scissor leg cross bracing and roller retainers to ensure “stable”, consistent and safe operation. [more...]
Triple Scissor Lift table
Positioning equipment required to assist in adjustment and test procedures of jet aircraft engines. Two 4,000 lb. capacity lift tables per test cell. [more...]
Jet Engine Lift table - Aerospace
Pentalift engineered and manufactured a custom lift to suit specific applications requirements. The lift table shown is equipped with a remote 10 horse power unit to comply with the speed requirements and is also equipped with both upper and lower limit switches to signal the platform position. [more...]
High Travel Double Scissor Lift Table
An Aerospace supplier loads components onto a “tilted” rack for shipment to an Aircraft Assembly Facility. Each rack, fully loaded weighs 2700 lbs. [more...]
Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table & Up-Ender
The lift is designed to operate quickly on a 150 ft long track moving finished product from the packaging process to a range of distribution locations. [more...]
Powered portable 10,000 lb capacity lift table
Tandem designed to increase stability and safely support even longer loads during lifting and lowering. Platform lengths of 15’ long-20’ long. Available in 10,000 lb-40,000 lb capacity. [more...]
Tandem Double Scissor Lift Table
One of the largest manufacturers of off road tires in the world, required an adjustable height work platform to assist in the inspection of the tires inner liners. [more...]
Triple Scissor Lift & Powered Rotating Top

Side by Side Dock Lift

A financial company requested assistance with designing and selecting a dock lift to meet their unique application. For security reasons the vehicles had to be loaded within the confines of the building using a straight drive through traffic pattern. [more...]
Side by Side Dock Lift

Triple Scissor lift Table with 4 Sided Enclosure

The Pentalift Triple Scissor Lift Table features a fully enclosed, 4 sided, gated, 72” high safety mesh enclosure. Product is loaded onto the platform in the lowered position, gates closed. [more...]
Triple scissor table lift
A 26’ x 40’ quad design, double scissor lift platform designed and assembled in four separate sections.This work platform was designed to lift personnel and equipment 18’ to an elevateSd work and assembly area. [more...]
Four modular double scissor lift
When a premier coach manufacturer contacted Pentalift to discuss an application for storing and retrieving primary components during the assembly of their motor homes, Pentalift’s engineering team answered.  [more...]

Triple Scissors Lift

Two tandem scissor tables (left and right hand designs) with lateral stablizers. Aluminum guardrail system with swing gates for operator access. [more...]
Two Tandem Scissor Lift Tables
A company specializing in vacuum heat treating contacted Pentalift looking for a solution to increase their efficiencies when loading a furnace.
Scissor Lift with Side Slide Platform
A customer in the heat treating industry contacted Pentalift once again. On the original project custom Pentalift lift tables were designed to load and off load heat treated steel from a 36' long transfer cart.
A North American manufacturer of MDF (medium density fibre bard) contacted Pentalift with a unique application involved in their manufacturing process.
An international collaboration of Space Agencies joined forces to design and manufacture a large infrared space telescope. The space telescope will study every phase in the history of the universe up to the evolution of our Solar System.
Dual Quad Scissor Lift Table
A Double Scissor Lift Table used
for a maximum loads of 10,000 lbs.
and a cantilevered load, over the
ends, of 2000 lbs. [more...]
A manufacturer of grain storage elevators contacted Pentalift for design input during the onsite assembly of the elevators. This model of grain elevator is raised and delivery trucks drive under the grain elevator to be loaded.
The lift table was used in the removal of a fuel cell mold for routine maintenance. Once the maintenance was completed the lift table is used to reposition the mold. The lift table has a closed height of 13.5" and lifts 90" in approximately 56 seconds. [more...]



Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best lift table products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.