Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler What is an edge of dock leveler? The design of the Pentalift EDH series hydraulic edge of dock ensures reliable operation resulting in maximum return on investment. The EDH series hydraulic edge of dock leveler is fully hydraulic. The operator simply pushes a button to use the edge of dock. The hydraulic system is self contained and reliable. It ensures the operation is smooth and controlled. For ease of service, all components are easily accessible from the dock ... Read More
Control Panel Options what do I need? Pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels "in house" at the factory. This helps accommodate interlocking of other dock equipment. Interlocking to vehicle restraints, overhead doors and inflatable shelters create a safe and productive loading dock system. Single master control panels save space and reduce electrical hook-up costs. Control Panel Technology Using proven long term technology eliminates replacing costly touch pa... Read More
Factory Automation Solutions aid in precise repetitive product positioning Factory automation solutions are Pentalift’s specialty. Three hydraulic scissor lift tables with side shifting chain conveyors were synchronized. These tables lined up structural steel or tubing to be cut by a band saw. This factory automation solution made it so the steel could be placed, prepared and positioned on to the conveyor for processing. Conveyor and Palletizing System Factory Automation Solutions The lif... Read More
  Ergonomic Positioning Solutions Improve Safety Ergonomic Lift Tables help repetitive stress injuries Pentalift’s Ergonomic Lift Tables suit a wide variety of applications. Adjustable height designs are available in 2,500, 4,000 and 6,000 lb capacities. Ergonomic tables help position parts within easy reach of the operator. Repetitive bending and reaching can cause many employee health issues.  Did you know this can lead to poor morale?  Awkward bending and stretching can slow down... Read More
As part of any business to keep your employees safe and to keep business running as usual, maintaining your loading dock equipment is vital to this continual operation. Depending on your individual application, your loading dock equipment may include truck restraints, dock levelers, and roll up doors – all of which are intricate parts of the loading dock. If you have an outside maintenance program - all the better, but small things can happen and you can’t always wait for their inspection ap... Read More
A leading manufacturer of tires approached Pentalift concerning a dock lift application at their research and testing facility in Northeast Ohio. Pentalift was able to design and manufacture a dock lift specific to the company’s needs which would fit into their existing pit with minimum modifications from Ohio dock equipment dealer; Action Door, who installed the unit - saving the client time and money. The lift which was replaced was installed forty years earlier and had required ongoing m... Read More
A leading North American producer and distributor of gypsum wallboard, joint compound and an array of related products for the construction and remodeling industries approached Pentalift once again to design and build products for their specific application needs. The application in question involved designing lift tables which would automatically lower - indexing down as new wallboard was added in 3/8 to 1” increments during product accumulation, and when full, to be removed via forklift. On... Read More
Dock lifts service several applications in facilities ranging from loading docks to cold storage to warehousing, both in an interior and exterior capacity. When pit-installed at an exterior location - in front of the loading dock doors - the dock lift is able to service a wide range of incoming trucks, providing exterior grade level access for multiple applications. When positioned for loading or offloading of the trailer from the facility, a hinged bridge plate is lowered to provide easy tra... Read More
Guelph, Ontario, Canada - In October of 2013, Pentalift was approached by a large provider of contract sterilization using gamma irradiation. The company was looking for a solution to their unique application which would pair a man lift, or work platform, with a pallet lift. Both units would need to be controlled by a single custom control panel located on the work platform, as would the powered sliding bridge at the rear of the man lift. “We’ve included a custom interlock to the bridge,”... Read More