Control Panel Options what do I need?

Pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels "in house" at the factory. This helps accommodate interlocking of other dock equipment. Interlocking to vehicle restraints, overhead doors and inflatable shelters create a safe and productive loading dock system. Single master control panels save space and reduce electrical hook-up costs.

Risk factors such as lifting heavy items, reaching overhead, working in awkward body postures, bending, and so on represent one of the leading causes of strain and injury in a warehouse environment. Ergonomics is your best ally in your efforts to provide a healthy and safe workplace for your staff. The idea of ergonomics refers to fitting a job to a person, and this can be accomplished through the use of speciali... Read More

Keep winter out of your loading dock with a Pentalift Seal or shelter With the onset of winter, much of North America will experience the inclement weather which comes with the season; snow, ice, freezing rain and high winds. To ensure the interior of your loading dock is not left open to these elements, a dock seal or shelter is highly recommended. How does it work? When a trailer backs into your dock position, after raising the overhead door, the ... Read More