Factory Automation Solutions aid in precise repetitive product positioning

Factory automation solutions are Pentalift’s specialty. Three hydraulic scissor lift tables with side shifting chain conveyors were synchronized. These tables lined up structural steel or tubing to be cut by a band saw. This factory automation solution made it so the steel could be ... Read More

Custom Lift Tables & Positioning Equipment

Custom lift tables & positioning equipment was what newscasters needed for NASCAR . It is used to move the broadcasting studio from event to event. Pentalift  manufactured custom lift tables to safely raise and lower the broadcasting studio. Pentalift engineered the design.  A 40,000 lb capacity tandem hydraulic lift table was built. It was installe... Read More

custom lift tableWhen it comes to finding a reliable positioning solution, a customized lift table is ideal for a variety of industry applications. From high capacity lift tables to portable units - these items provide the best solution in terms of strength and versatility. Having a lift table custom designed for your b... Read More

A leading manufacturer of tires approached Pentalift concerning a dock lift application at their research and testing facility in Northeast Ohio. Pentalift was able to design and manufacture a dock lift specific to the company’s needs which would fit into their existing pit with minimum modifications from Ohio dock equipment dealer; Action Door, who installed the unit - saving the client time and money.

The ... Read More
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Pentalift Equipment Corporation March 3, 2014 - Guelph, Ontario - A leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive glass products employing over 4,000 people worldwide approached Pentalift looking for a solution to their specific application.

Pentalift designed and manufact... Read More
Guelph, Ontario, Canada - In October of 2013, Pentalift was approached by a large provider of contract sterilization using gamma irradiation. The company was looking for a solution to their unique application which would pair a man lift, or work platform, with a pallet lift. Both units would need to be controlled by a single custom control panel located on the work platform, as would the powered sliding bridge at the rear of the man lift. “We’ve in... Read More