Dock Bumpers Brochure

Pentalift offers a wide range of molded and laminated loading dock bumpers. Dock bumpers protect the building from the impact as the vehicle is backed into position. With many models, sizes and designs to choose from the proper selection of dock bumpers will protect the facility and improve the aesthetics at the loading dock area.

Pentalift Ultrahook UHR40-Under Dock Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint Brochure

In most facilities, the loading dock is the harshest and least considered area from a maintenance and cleanliness standpoint. The design of the UHR40 anticipates these conditions with under dock installation and fully hydraulic operation.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit Brochure

Pentalift Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment. The Pentalift Hydraulic Conversion Kit takes a structurally sound dock leveler and converts it to reliable, safe fully hydraulic operation.

Easy Load Hydraulic Conversion Kit Brochure

Pentalift Equipment Corporation, a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment, offers the Easy Load Hydraulic Conversion Kit. The Easy Load Hydraulic Conversion Kit improves safety and efficiency at the loading dock.

Weatherseal Brochure

Loading dock weatherseal is increasing in use as more and more industries become aware of environmental issues. Weatherseal improves energy savings at the loading dock by minimizing the transfer of heated/cooled air from the exterior to the interior of the building conserving natural resources.

Loading Dock Guide Lights Brochure

Pentalift loading dock guide lights provide visible assistance for truck / trailer approaches in environments where the lighting levels are low.

Dock Lights – LED – Flex

The ideal solution for loading dock and task lighting applications. The flex industrial LED light features a rugged, flexible stainless steel arm with a steel elbow for simplified positioning and durability.

Dock Lights – LED

Pentalift LED dock light offers simple and proven design with all the benefits of LED functionality, including significant energy efficiency and superior lighting volume and visibility for the dock attendant inside the truck.

Wheel Chocks Brochure

Pentalift wheel chocks are an important component of the overall safety at the loading dock area.

Dock Communication System Brochure

The Pentalift dock communication system provides valuable information regarding the status of the loading / unloading process to the driver and to the loading dock personnel.

Steel Face Dock Bumpers Brochure

The steel face spreads the impacts from the docking vehicle over a much greater area of the force absorbing rubber material. This eliminates cutting or damage due to concentrated impacts on the rubber material with out the steel face plate.