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Dock Shelter Optional Accessories & Customization

This page explains options that are common to Pentalift loading dock shelters. For more information on any of these options or Pentalift products, contact your Pentalift representative.

Cover material

There are is wide variety of covering materials available. The material requirements are dependent on the dock seal model and application parameters. Note: The application of the product by a trained professional is vital to a successful application. The strongest cover material with the highest abrasion resistance will become damaged very quickly if the application of the dock seal or shelter is not properly considered the configuration of the dock seal or shelter is not properly matched.




Higher or Shorter Units

If the loading dock doors are higher or shorter than standard sizes, shelter can be custom built to suit the application.




Wider or Narrower Units

If the loading dock doors are wider or narrower than standard sizes, shelter can be custom built to suit the application.




Side Frames Covered with Translucent Panels

Constructed from material that permits light from outside to penetrate, while a trailer is parked, offering improved lighting at the door opening,  when loading/unloading.




Full Length Yellow Guide Stripe

Increases visibility to the truck driver to assist in centering the truck on the loading dock when backing into position.


Door Number Sewn on

Include fabric cut-outs sewn into the curtain to clearly mark door numbers.

dock seal decals

Assists in sealing lower trucks and higher doors.

Tapered Side Pads

Compensates for and provides the  best seal on declined or inclined approaches

Inflatable seal or shelter Interlock

The inflation of the seal or shelter is interlocked to the overhead door, or dock leveler or vehicle restraint to inflate and deflate automatically as required by the application. Interlock inflation saves energy and reduces potential of damage to the seal or shelter.

inflatable seal interlock

Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best loading dock shelters to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.