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Steel Face Dock Bumpers

Steel face loading dock bumpers are a superior dock bumper solution. Constructed from heavy steel plate, the face plate provides two significant benefits over conventional loading dock bumper designs:
  1. The steel face spreads the impacts from the docking vehicle over a much greater area of the force absorbing rubber material. This eliminates cutting or damage due to concentrated impacts on the rubber material with out the steel face plate.
  2. The steel face reduces friction and significantly increases abrasion resistance. This translates to reduced wear and tear on the dock bumper. In normal operations, as the truck or trailer is being loaded / unloaded the trailer suspension “floats” up and down as the weight of the fork lift and the load goes onto or off of the trailer. Based on the lower friction surface that the steel face offers the “floating” is accommodated with reduced forces, reduced abrasion and wear to the dock bumper. Reducing the friction on the face of the dock bumper also significantly reduces the vertical stress on the anchor bolts securing the dock bumper in position.

Steel face loading dock bumpers extend the life expectancy of the dock bumper and maximize the integrity of the dock bumper installation.

Steel Face Dock Bumper - Pentalift
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